Course Information

This course will cover the E/Os at forth level whilst at the same time prepare pupils for National 4 or National 5 courses starting in S4. 

Whilst the timeline below is accurate a degree of flexibility will be adopted by the class teacher with regard to activities on offer as well the order of activities covered.

All classes will start with fitness testing followed by studying three activities in more depth including a basic cycle of analysis as well as three others aimed primarily to improve performance.

The class teacher as well as pupils will decide the activities they wish to study.  All pupils will study the Nat 4 added value unit – participating in/organising our sports day.

Pupils will be assessed through completion of’ unit’ assessments in addition to sitting a S3 exam. Activities in BOLD indicate where course booklet assessments take place


All classes will follow the same course however the rate of learning will vary allowing more able pupils to study National 5 course at the start of S4.

Week number

Theme – three periods each week


E and Os 

1 - 3

Fitness testing – Why Gather information/Aspects of fitness and related fitness tests, 12 minute cooper run, leger test, SLJ, sergeant jump, hand grip test,30m sprint,Illinois agility test stork balance test. Scores recorded and comparisons made to norms.


MNU 4-20

LIT 4-02


HWB 4-15

4 - 8

Basketball – Performance -  develop tactical awareness, skill development, problem solving coaching opportunities and officiating skills.

Introduce Cycle of Analysis – data collection to identify weaknesses .Example tactical defence man to man  and zonal

Completion of course booklet based on C of A

Practical assessment – teacher observation 

HWB 4-05,4-11,4-12,4-14,4-21,4-22,4-23,4-24



9 -12

Handball – Performance – skills development based on perceived weaknesses, tactical awareness organising tournaments, umpiring and coaching. 

Practical  assessment

Teacher observation 

HWB 4-05,4-11,4-12,4-14,4-21,4-22,4-23,4-24

LIT 4-02

13 - 17

Badminton – Performance develop skills through drills, Game awareness, formations, umpiring and organising tournaments

Cycle of Analysis – skills /techniques , data collection, methods of practice, principles of effective practice

Completion of booklet based on cycle of analysis.

Practical assessment  - teacher observation

HWB 4-11,4-12,4-14,4-21,4-23,4-24


January  week number

18 - 20

Table tennis – Performance – skills development based on perceived weaknesses, officiating, organising tournaments and coaching. Singles and doubles

Practical assessment  - teacher observation 

HWB 4-11,4-12,4-14,4-21,4-23,4-24


21 - 25

Football – Performance – skills development, problem solving, tactical awareness coaching opportunities, officiating and organising tournaments.

Cycle of analysis – To identify weaknesses through data collection . Fitness ,principles of training, methods of training

Completion of booklet based on cycle of analysis.

Practical performance teacher observation 

HWB 4-05,4-11,4-12,4-14,4-21,4-22,4-23,4-24

LIT 4-02,4-04,44-07,4-09,4-10

26 - 28

Volleyball – Performance – skills development, tactical awareness, umpiring and organising tournaments

Practical assessment  - teacher observation 

HWB 4-05,4-11,4-12,4-21,4-22,4-23,4-24

LIT 4-02

Easter Athletics / Training Programme Draft‘Added Value Unit

29 - 34

Athletics – 800m Prepare and implement a traing programme for a perceived weakness  eg 4 week interval training programme.

Performance events – high jump, long jump, sprints, middle distance and throws.

Pupils to prepare , organise, perform in sports event / inter class or school sports day

Completion of AVU logbook,

Teacher observation  and recorded scores

HWB 4-11,4-12,4-14,4-21,4-22,4-23

MNU 4-20

LIT 4-02,4-04,4-07,4-10

35 -

Revision  of material and S3 exam

Exam assessment

Please note this is an exemplar .Pupils and staff come to their own agreement regarding the nature of the activities. Progress in this course will determine whether the pupil will progress on  to Nat 4 or Nat 5 in S4. Pupils will receive regular feedback on their progress throughout the year.

Pupils will experience different roles (performer, coach, umpire, organiser), use various pieces of equipment – heart rate monitors, flip cameras weights machines in an attempt to improve their overall performances. 

The experiences and outcomes will broadly remain the same for similar type activities eg team games. They will however vary for more creative activities eg dance which will obviously involve expressive arts experiences.  


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