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Introduction to course. Discuss outcomes, personal    strengths and abilities. What makes a successful sports leader? Decide  on code of conduct               

Issue logbooks. Unit 1 – Planning, preparing and assisting sporting activity. Group- discussion – key elements. Team building ice breakers

Teacher led warm up. Discuss what should be in a warm up. Identify students to lead warm up next session

Pupils lead warm up. Students discuss positive feedback and development needs. Teacher provides feedback. Students record their development needs in worksheet

Continue with student led warm ups

Week 2

Continue with student led warm ups. Students to complete page 15 of logbook after leading warm up

Continue with student led warm up

Students are required to devise and deliver a game using specified equipment. See handout Games making – an approach to teaching games

Continue with games making – students work in small groups. Deliver games to rest of class focus – health and safety, suitability and adaptability


Unit 2 Communication Teacher led session demonstrating use of different methods of communication  - verbal and non verbal












Week 3


Students play a game - student led using verbal communication, Focus clarity, speed and sound of speech. Non verbal refer to WS7 and 8

Student to plan a short skill based lesson. Students research the skill and have 2 practices that will allow for development. Sessions should last 10 minutes. Teachers to complete formal assessment on student’s progress WS3

Student led skills session. Students complete page 16 of log book after leading their session. Pupils observe and offer feedback to others who led session

Student led skills session. Pupils evaluate their own lesson and are encouraged to be critical  and next steps.  Keep a copy of formal feedback ion their folder

Student led skills session

Week 4

Students engaged in a series of organized games as set out in tutor resource pack

In at the deep end


Imagination  - set out in tutor notes

Catch up session




Unit 3 – Health and fitness.

Benefits of healthy lifestyle factors affecting health and fitness. Solution to barriers.  Students split into groups and discuss the above and make their findings to the class

Fitness testing - students undergo various fitness tests – leger,12 minute cooper run, Lme, speed, Illinois agility. Record scores

Continue with fitness tests

Continue with fitness tests

Teacher leads a model session of 2 fitness types.   Circuit, aerobics, step body pump weights. Discussion on what made the session successful


Week 6                    


Students plan a 15 minute fitness session in pairs. Focus age, stage, Communication and group control


Student led fitness session in pairs. Discuss positive feedback and development needs. Teachers to complete formal assessment unit week             


Continue with pupil led fitness sessions. Students should complete page 17 of log book after leading session


Continue with student led fitness session


Continue with student led fitness session
















Plan a fitness event for local primary Focus organisation team, work, fun, challenging. Identify pupils to devise warm up – aerobics to music

Continue with planning fitness event. Pupils contact primary school

Carry out fitness event devise and organized by pupils

Review of fitness event Positive feedback and next steps

Students carry out various training methods to improve different aspects of fitness CRE  Complete WS5






Week 8


Continue with training methods  emphasis on speed/power


Continue as previous with emphasis on strength


Students re test fitness using the same tests. Students record their scores WS


Continue with re testing fitness


Students to devise fitness posters for fitness suite – health diet and exercise









Unit 4

Understanding fair play Discuss fair play, the importance of rules WS12.Play a game 2 goals a ball no rules











Students to devise an activity based  session with emphasis on fun and enjoyment            




Devise a charter for fair play to be displayed around the department and changing rooms




Continue with devising charter posters




Teacher leads a model session promoting fair play /sportsmanship respect and positive coaching. Students complete evaluating form









Week 10

Students to lead a primary base activity .Focus on organisation and relevance

Continue with primary based activity

Visit local primary Students to complete evaluation form,

Continue with primary visits

Continue with primary visits. Students to complete page 18 of log book

Week 11

Unit 5 Sports Officiating. Introduction to the role of an official. Observe an official in action and evaluate the skills required

Teacher will lead a games based session. Students take note of responsibilities and qualities required by officials

Students discuss good/bad habits of sports officials. Complete WS9

Students observe other PE staff officiating PE classes Complete WS15

Students officiate various junior PE classes





Students continue to officiate classes. Focus on communication ,positioning, use of rules, presence, CompleteEV8 WS13/14


Students continue to officiate various PE classes


Students continue to officiate various PE classes


Students continue to officiate various PE classes


Teacher to complete formal assessment WS3on pupil progress





Students complete officiating amongst class in netball, badminton and hockey


Continue with officiating


Unit 6 – local sports

Students compile a directory of    local sports and facilities


Continue with sports directory – sporting, recreational and leisure to include activities available and costs involved


Catch up session














Week 14

Students to devise posters promoting clubs

Work with active schools. Posters to be placed around department

Unit 7 – Demonstration of leadership skills in sport. Students plan a session to include w/u skill development and a game. Work in pairs

Students continue to plan a session

Students to deliver a session at local primary. Teacher to complete formal assessment WS3

Students continue to deliver session. Students complete page 2 of log book after session





Students continue to deliver sessions

Students continue to deliver sessions

Students placed into groups and have to invent a game using 4 pieces of equipment.

New game must have name, rules and instructions.

Students to lead their game to rest of class

Student led session  introducing their new game



Students to plan either a potted sports  event, football tournament or netball tournament aimed at primary 7 pupils

Continue with planning event. Focus – invitation letters, rules, times dates changing rooms, warm up, medals

Planning of event continued

Primary event

Evaluation of event. Students to complete page 2  of log book  after event













Week 17

Catch up periods

Check student folders up to date

Log books are completed

Formal assessments are completed

Internal verification completed as appropriate

Catch up periods

Catch up periods

Catch up periods

Catch up periods


At the end of each unit candidates must record their comments in log book (pages 8 -14)


Please note these lesson plans are guidelines only. Sequence of lessons and units will depend on various factors - PE facilities available, primary school availability as well as the PE department timetable for junior classes.  Therefore a degree of flexibility must be applied when planning this course.



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